Beaver Finance

Hedge Section

Impermanent Loss Hedger or ILH supported by Asteria Finance Lab is the CORE component of Beaver Finance, with which positions on the mining section are fully hedged and protected.
Investors who invest via the hedging section will be bootstrapping vital liquidity towards the ILH will enjoy LOSSLESS mining and additional rewards in original assets.
Meaning, assets in the ILH pool are used as principal for constructing options portfolios for hedging IL of mining positions from the LP section. Assets staked in ILH pools are guaranteed lossless, and those in LP pools are also being hedged, so LP users can gain actual yield returns without being offset by impermanent losses.
For a detailed conceptual and technical overview on ILH, go to Impermanent Loss Hedger (ILH) page.
Tutorial guides on the ‘Hedge section’ will be made available shortly.