Beaver Finance

Farm Section

Users can deposit any amount of crypto assets supported by Beaver within the pool limit. The protocol then auto-pairs staked assets with the equal value of another asset.
This initial pair is then automatically staked on a highly enterprising DEX, such as PancakeSwap, which generates LP tokens with the DEX’s reward pool.
Beavers Farm section is a strategic hub that organizes investment opportunities in the DeFi space and allows you to invest in popular platforms across the ecosystem. It is a very easy-to-use intuitive platform that allows even the most basic users to reap the benefits of farming and decentralized finance.
We minimize button clicks for yield farmers, eliminating the hassle of calculating how liquidity must be provided for each pooled token, swapping half of each of the total assets to balance the LP, adding to the LP, and then adding their LP to the farming contract.
All of the above-mentioned operations on Beaver are automatic.

Why are the yields on Beaver so high?

First, our single asset staking takes a larger bite of the interest-bearing token since tokens are auto-paired within the beaver’s own pools. Second, since users’ liquidity pool rewards are constantly auto-allocated in high opportunities algorithmically, the interest compounds in larger amounts! And finally, our Impermanent Loss Hedger or ILH dampens the IL for LPs to almost zero. And the statistics have been proven by years of backtesting practices conducted by Asteria Finance Lab. Users’ can easily withdraw their staked principle, protected by Beaver’s ILH, along with mining rewards derived from the underlying DEX, such as CAKE or MDX tokens.
Beaver also allows users to auto-compound their rewards with our Auto-Farming pools. This means any reward tokens from farming will be automatically compounded to earn even higher APY from the compounded effects. This is a very strong mechanism to grow your funds and earn the highest rewards.
In the near future, we will create a highly incentivized community by rewarding early community members & TVL contributors in $BVER tokens.
Tutorial guides on the ‘Farm section’ will be made available shortly.