Beaver Finance


Decentralized finance is advancing faster than ever before, showing no signs of slowing down. DeFi 1.0 pioneers such as MakerDAO, Uniswap, and AAVE, unlocked possibilities that were previously impossible to achieve. However, to keep up with the current iteration and technological advancement of DeFi, into DeFi 2.0, it’s time for things to be done differently.
Impermanent loss threatens the promise in DeFi for democratizing liquidity provisioning and enabling passive market making for anyone with latent capital.
Hence, we built Beaver, as a novel impermanent loss hedging solution with options (not seen in DeFi so far) to enable the benefits of risk-minimized liquidity provisioning and single token yield exposure.
Beaver is well-positioned to not only keep the pace of DeFi’s advancement but is well-equipped to accelerate it. In DeFi 2.0, it all comes down to liquidity and that is why Beaver. Finance matters as a catalyst for driving the future of finance with effective impermanent loss hedging.

Supported by Asteria Finance Lab

Beaver Finance is the first incubated project of Asteria Finance Lab, a protocol dedicated to developing a robust option-based infrastructure in DeFi. Asteria powers Beaver’s Impermanent loss hedging solution using a novel approach - options portfolio.