Beaver Finance


Beaver adopts a simple and intuitive UI to ensure that all user classes can easily utilize its novel approaches to liquidity mining and impermanent loss hedging. A user-centric Beaver will eliminate the most prohibitive factors between mainstream users and DeFi.
Interoperable Protocol
The protocol can be easily upgraded to integrate the new DeFi protocols and universally interact with them to maximize yields.
Lossless Hedging
Beaver leverages the Options Portfolio Hedging Module developed by Asteria Finance Lab, which allows us to provide IL hedgers - a. Returns from the options market, b. Protection from volatility on their principal assets and, c. IL minimized to almost zero.
Beaver’s impermanent loss has been tested for its efficiency through years of backtesting practices. As such, the results are more than promising. Beaver’s innovation not only eliminates principal loss for Impermanent loss Hedging (ILH) pools but also realizes optimized stable returns.
Optimized Yields
Beaver’s Staking module is designed to incentivize users' dedication and support for the protocol. Compared to the dried-out single staking APY on the rest of DeFi, Beaver’s dynamic asset allocation engine optimizes cost and operational efficiency and maximizes yields while eliminating the hassle of dual asset staking.
Enhanced Security
Beaver will implement a mutual exclusion lock mechanism to sterilize thread execution, synchronize threads, and preserve the single-threaded code from reentrancy attacks. We also plan on implementing Open Zeppelin’s reentrancy guard contract to reinforce code security and integrity and engage Open Zeppelin's SafeMath to avoid insufficient/overflow vulnerabilities.
Additionally, by integrating Open Zeppelin’s Multisig Wallet we will increase security by requiring multiple parties to agree on transactions before executions. With this mechanism, transactions can be executed only when confirmed by a predefined number of owners. Beaver has and will continue to specify the visibility of all functions within the specified contract. The current version of Solidity will show warnings during the compilation of functions that have visibility set to help encourage best practices. Beaver will also convert the variable to higher precision, perform all mathematical operations and finally convert it back to output precision when needed.
Incubated by the Best
Beaver Finance is the first incubated project by Asteria Finance Lab, a protocol founded by a team of top financial professionals from Wall Street and Silicon Valley’s emerging blockchain technologists, passionate about building an options-based infrastructure and ecosystem for DeFi.
Completely Automatic
Beaver is a yield enhancing one-stop-shop consisting of components that work towards delivering optimally dynamic APRs to users. All operations on Beaver are fully automatic, saving users from the hassle and redundancies caused by manual interactions. We leverage on-chain automation and gamified features to deliver a frictionless user experience allowing all market participants to benefit from Beaver Innovations, irrespective of experience or wealth.