Beaver Finance



Is Beaver interoperable? What other chains will it deploy on?

Yes, Beaver is interoperable. After launching Beaver, we aim to go cross-chain beginning with Metis and subsequently expanding on other chains. Moving forward as planned in the team's roadmap, Beaver will be developing cross-chain strategies and DEX aggregators on network chains that are feasible and prove to be reliable, cheap, and fast for its DeFi users.

What is APY?

APY is the annual percentage yield offered on a particular investment. The yield considers the compound interest, thereby offering the most accurate breakdown on users' returns compared to simple interest.

Why are APYs on Beaver more optimal?

Beaver’s single asset staking takes a larger bite of the interest-bearing token since tokens are auto-paired within the beaver’s own pools. Second, since users’ liquidity pool rewards are constantly auto-allocated in high opportunities algorithmically, the interest compounds in larger amounts! And finally, our Impermanent Loss Hedger or ILH dampens the IL for LPs to almost zero. And the statistics have been proven by years of backtesting practices conducted by Asteria Finance Lab. Users’ can easily withdraw their staked principle, protected by Beaver’s ILH, along with mining rewards derived from the underlying DEX, such as CAKE or MDX tokens.
Beaver also allows users to auto-compound their rewards with our Auto-Farming pools. This means any reward tokens from farming will be automatically compounded to earn even higher APY from the compounded effects. This is a very strong mechanism to grow your funds and earn the highest rewards.

What kind of options does Beaver employ?

Currently, Beaver employs European-style options within our Impermanent Loss Hedging innovation.

Do you have tutorials on how to use the platform?

Written how-to-guides and video tutorials coming soon!


What DEXs does Beaver Support?

Initially, Beaver will support Netswap which is the top enterprising DEX of TVL and trading volume on Metis Andromeda. As we expand, Beaver will have cross-chain plan and integrate even more exchanges.


Is Beaver safe? Has it been audited?

Autofarm has several measures to mitigate smart contract risks. Beaver will implement a mutual exclusion lock mechanism to sterilize thread execution, synchronize threads, and preserve the single-threaded code from reentrancy attacks. We also plan on implementing Open Zeppelin’s reentrancy guard contract to reinforce code security and integrity and engage Open Zeppelin's SafeMath to avoid insufficient/overflow vulnerabilities.
Additionally, by integrating Open Zeppelin’s Multisig Wallet we will increase security by requiring multiple parties to agree on transactions before executions. With this mechanism, transactions can be executed only when confirmed by a predefined number of owners. Beaver has and will continue to specify the visibility of all functions within the specified contract. The current version of Solidity will show warnings during the compilation of functions that have visibility set to help encourage best practices. Beaver will also convert the variable to higher precision, perform all mathematical operations.