Beaver Finance

Beaver Finance Testnet User Guide

Hello Beavers,
We recently launched Beaver on the testnet. You are quite welcomed to explore and try out the interface, and most importantly send us feedback on how you find the overall user experience. This will help us streamline and ensure that everything is smooth, efficient as well as community-approved!
Are you new to using protocols on the testnet? Fret not, this super friendly step-by-step guide will help you until the very end.
Let’s get started, shall we?
If you are somewhat used to or pro at using protocols on the testnet, please skip to Step 2. If you are a newbie, please begin from Step 1.

Step 1: Install and Set up a MetaMask Wallet

Go to and click on ‘Download Now.’ Click on the ‘Install MetaMask’ for chrome tab.
You will be redirected to the chrome webstore, there, click on the ‘Add Extension’ button
Once you have the extension icon in your Chrome browser, click on it and once MetaMask is open, you may be prompted to either ‘Create a wallet’ or ‘Import a Wallet.’ If you are setting up MetaMask for the first time, click on the former. Once that’s done, you will be asked to accept the terms of use, and then prompted to create a new password. Click Create.
Now you'll need to verify your secret phrase. Again, if you lose it, no one can help you recover the secret phrase, so it's very important that you have it well-documented. Verify the phrase by selecting the previously generated phrase in order.
Now that you are ready and set, let’s move on to the real deal!

Step 2: Connect to Beaver Finance BSC Testnet with MetaMask

**You can also connect to Beaver Finance Testnet with other wallets, we take MetaMask wallet as example here
Go to Beaver Finance BSC Testnet:
And click “Launch APP
Click on “Connect Wallet.” A pop-up will appear, on it choose ‘MetaMask.’
A MetaMask pop up will appear, click on the dropdown menu present at the very centre top part of the popup page. Then allow this site to add BSC Testnet, or choose BSC Testnet manually on your MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Claim BNB test tokens for gas fees

Go to to claim BNB test tokens for gas fee.
Enter your address into the box and click "Give me BNB" (You can claim 1 test BNB every 24 hours).

Step 4: Claim Test tokens to interact with Beaver on Testnet

Go back to Beaver Finance BSC Testnet page, and click "Faucet On Bsc-Test" to claim test tokens. Please Note: BNB received from BSC faucet are used for gas expenses, and mBNB received from Beaver faucet specifically are used as mocked asset to deposit/mining/withdraw for testing purpose
Choose from BTCB, BUSD, mBNB or DOGE, paste your wallet address into the box, then click “GIVE ME TOKENS”.
Please note that you'll get 1000 BTCB/BUSD/mBNB/DOGE each time you claim, and you'll be able to claim once every 24 hours.
Wait for 2-3 seconds, then you’ll see “success” on the page.
Add BTCB or BUSD or mBNB or DOGE into your asset list:
Click “Import tokens” in your MetaMask wallet, then input the contract address the test token, mentioned below (CAKE also need to be added for Harvest):
BTCB: 0xb1dDbF4a2B7Bf2b054D96142c9514e0cBAb9A0b5
BUSD: 0x87F2BBf278eb11F66548AACb865B7be79601Be30
BNB: 0x760488dBF65D872c6819288fFCAF4ACa3373a358
Click “Import Tokens” to confirm.
Success! You will be able to see the test tokens in your MetaMask wallet now!

Step 5: Deposit/Withdraw in Farm Section and Hedge Section

Go back to Beaver Finance BSC Testnet here: Then choose “Farm Section”, then click “Deposit BUSD”/ “Deposit BTCB”/ “Deposit DOGE”/ “Deposit BNB”.
Enter the amount you’d like to deposit, then click “Deposit”.
Click “Confirm” to give permission to access your BTCB.
Click “Confirm” to authorize the transaction.
Your deposit is complete!
Wait for a few seconds, then check your deposited BTCB (works the same for BUSD/BNB/DOGE) amount on the page.
If you want to withdraw your assets, click “Withdraw” and confirm the transaction on your MetaMask wallet.
Then you can go to the ‘Hedge Section,’ and deposit/withdraw your BTCB/BUSD/BNB/DOGE. From here the procedure is the same as the Farm Section.
Note: Farm Section will stop accepting new funds is there’s not enough assets deposited to Hedge Section, it’s recommended to Deposit in Hedge Section first.

Step 6: Harvest in Farm Section and Hedge Section

In Farm Section, you can click “Harvest CAKE”, and in Hedge Section, you can click “Harvest Net Profit” to get your rewards being a Beaver!
Before harvest, kindly wait some time for farming rewards to kick in.
That’s it, with this you are ready to explore Beaver on Testnet to your heart's content and send us your valuable feedback!
Happy Testing, Beavers!